Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Long time no see.

I have completely forgot about by blog. One of the reasons is that i didn't get any new comment, so no mail in my inbox. Anyway... I was in vacation, or at least I think so. By vacation I meant that I was to lazy to do anything except sleeping in my free time. In the last month I was trying to get one of that satellite dishes.
The idea is that I have moved and I didn't have cable in my new apartment. And because the cable provider in my neighborhood is extremely expensive comparative to the one in my old neighborhood I have decided to get satellite TV. So I call them and ask for informations and I finally agree with them that they have to come in the next few days. But the "few days" become a week. I call them again and ask what happening. They told me that is summer and everybody is in vacation and that i should have some patience. I love there explanation .... they have a vacation ... and I am loosing all my TV shows.
I have decided to go and buy the dish and install it myself. Unfortunately I i search all the stores for the next tow week to find my dish. Everywhere I get the same answer "Out of stock ... keep trying". So after a month without TV, I have finally decided to go to the cable company. but for some reasons I can't make a contract with them ( The reason is that I need a renting contract for the apartment, that I don't have) . But....... lucky me. The prevision owner already had a contract with them so I pretended that I am him and I want to renew my contract. It worked ! :) But .... is still a problem ... I can't get the channels that I want because for that I need a new contract ... for witch ......
So right now I have the cheapest subscription. A lot cheaper then the one I had in my old location ... but with just a few channels. What did I do ? I bribed the cable guy to activate the my expensive subscription. So right now I have the best subscription paying the cheapest one.
It is a wonder that 20 bucks can do :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Internet money.

For a while now I was busy doing a lot of dubious stuff. I have tried to to make some money from "internet businesses" but seem that so far I have failed. If you wandering how much I earn in the last six month the answer is $97.06. Unfortunately the pay out is at $100 so I still have to wait.
But ... until now I have spent $195 for domain and hosting. So the general idea is that I am not going to get reach from the internet. But I have to admit that was really fun to tiring.
At some moment with a little magic this blog had about 500 visitors per day ... but unfortunately it didn't last for to much. So I had my moment of glory.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Statistics again OR "Man of Science, Man of Faith."

As a matter of fact I live in a strange country,Lizze, and as a joke: If America it the country of all the possibilities, because every possible thing is possible. Then Romania is the land of all the impossibilities because every thing that is not possible is happening here. But this is not the topic or my problem.
The problem is the STATISTICS. From the statistical point of view there is some nonsense. Is that something that I don't understand, and it makes me mad. Yes, here is possible that "sometimes" happen impossibles things like the prim minister and the president sending each other "love latter's" with "let's share the bribe" kind of messages. Yes, is possible that that the parliament to suspend the president because ... I don't know why ... I am not watching the news lately because they just make a show. I think it was more interesting if they just had oral sex like in other civilized countries. But, still this is a "isolated incident" and shouldn't affect the statistics.
So what I wanted to say is that strange things are happening but with or without strange things
the math should still apply most of the cases. If not there's just 2 possibilities
Everything I know is wrong OR This universe is just a big experiment/whatever like in Matrix.
And I am the subject of the experiment, everything around me is just a stage for me and maybe some other "subjects" to see. Or any strange conspiracy theory in which I am a one of the "subjects".
Do you know that's the strangest thing ? After I posted my dilemma and I was so revolted because of that. I started meeting girls without boyfriend, a lot of them just in a few days. It seams that the universe trying to convince me that is nothing strange is happening and I am just paranoiac.
If nothing strange happening indeed, why it is trying so hard to fix it ? Does it have a auto correcting feature built in that is correcting the eventual bugs or glitches in the matrix ?

Monday, May 14, 2007

What the fuck !!!!

I don't fucking understand. Theoretically there are a lot more girls then boys (twice as much) in this fucking city.So the logical think is that if a boy have only a girl. That means that half of the girls don't have a boyfriend. Then how the fucking hell is happening that I don't know any girl alone. Even more ... how the fucking there are so many girls I know that are dating multiple guys at the time. Mathematically is not fucking possible.
This is not only the first fucking abnormality ! There's a lot of VERY expensive cars around here ....
1 of 10 is more then 50.000 $. How the hell that's I don't know any guy that's owns one ?
I have started to believe that I am in some kind of box. And the walls have some picture of the "outside world" but there's no fucking outside world !!!!! We are trapped in this Matrix...everything that we don't interact with is a NPC (Non playing character) Is just there to make us fill that we are a lot more than we think. I am one of the few that exist in this world.... the rest are just NPC's. I am just playing with the fucking computer !!!!!

What the fucking fuck is fucking going on ?!?

Monday, April 23, 2007

A romantic vision.

Can somebody imagine loving a imaginary person ? I did that for a long time. I love Lara Croft, and I am still loving her. Yes is a imaginary person, she don't exit but I love her. Not her image but the personality of her. If the imaginary and the real world collide for some strange reason ... and she will become a real person (just imagine that it was possible, never mind that is impossible, is just an example) and call me at 3 AM in the morning and ask me to help her:
- Hello I am Lara Croft. I know you love me, and I need your help. I need you to give your life for me. I know that is not fear but I need your help.
Believe me that I will do that without any hesitation. Yes, is crazy, I never meat hear, I never have the the occasion to that.
So that's what I think is the real love. An unconditional love, for witch you give your life without asking for anything else.
I don't think the thing with ... I love you because I had sex with you is a real love. Is a paid love with sex. Even the thing that you meat and speak with her the person it should be consider as payment. So real love it the love that you offer without asking for anything for your love, not for sex not for loving back.
But I am only a human and I am not able to offer true love, without asking for anything. And probably that's why I decided to offer my true love to a fictive girl. Because I know that she can't ask me for my life. But believe if the worlds collide I will do it, and I will be happy to do this.
I have tears in my eyes so I better stop here with my post. I wish that at least 10% of the people on this world to be able to give the life for the person it love( if the person loves back). I can't ask anybody to do it for free like my romantic vision of love is because I can't do it either.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Today: ansisocial day.

I am so tired, I can take it anymore. All I have ever wanted is a girl to love. Seems that this is not possible. I can't believe , and I am wondering if in other places is the same like here: All the girls I meat in the last year seems that they had sex with at leas half of town. I started wondering what I am doing wrong to deserve only bitches? I know a girl that had sex with all ( ALL) common friends we have (more then 20). (That make me so proud that I am unique, being the only one that I didn't). And another one that is 15 years old and .... let's better don't say anything about her, because it make my feel sad for her., but again ... make me proud that I am probably the only guy that she know that didn't fuck her.
So I just can't fucking believing. Am I the only nice guy in town, that first want to love a girl before getting in bad with her, the only one that want to care for a girl, and didn't make her suffering. Seems so, and probably that's why nobody likes me. Nobody can like I nice guy. Or maybe it wasn't meant for me to stay here and love somebody. Maybe their is a bigger plan for my.
For some time I was thinking that I am meant to take over the world. But seems that that's not it. But why ? What to do with this world ? To destroy it ? NO !. I have another plan, a bigger an more peaceful plan, that I will reveal in a few days.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Long time no see

I didn't post for long time on none of my blogs. And I have a lot of stories to tell. But not now. For now I am just want to announce you all that I am back. In the last time I had a lot of stupid problems in my head. Yes in my head. I really want to find a girlfriend and I tried almost evrything. I even tried mIRC ,and dating sites..... nothing was working, and I was so sad. But now I think I fine for a while so I promise that I will post more.
Maybe I will find a nice girl on blogger.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Save the ants blog.

My friend, the one that convince me to start blogging had about his ants farm. That's why I mad my spider farm. Just to make fun that my spiders will going to eat his ants. But I found out recently that hist blog was vanished, just vanished. Seems that at some moment Blogger decided that his blog is not OK and he get a message in the Dashboard under the blog name that the blog si suspended and require manual verification by clinking an link The problem is that when he clicked on the link was getting a a error message that say that the blog don't exist. Also the blog is no longer online, and if I try to access it I get a 404 message with "The requested URL was not found on this server." Even worse then that. If he is trying to create a new blog with the same name it say that the name is not avail because is taken. He had about 30 blogs on the same account but just 3-4 were interesting blogs. The sad part is that it happened to only the interested ones. The ones with most of the visitors. He already completed a lot of support forms and send them a dozen mails with no result. Nobody answer him what is going one.
This is really crappy. He put a lot of time in his blog and now is so disappointed to start all over again. Another blog was about the Foot Man Frenzy (Word of Worcraft) and he had a lot of posts (One year worth of post) and was having Google page rank 5 and a lot of back links. And he really worked for a lot an put a lot of time in to it.
I am wondering what is going on. Did blogger decide to sabotage him or just a technical problem . Maybe somebody flag him just form because it was invidious that it has so much success with his blog. I am really feeling sad for him and and I consider that is really not fear.
I convince him to start all over again but this time using a payed hosing. So in case something go wrong at least will have somebody to sue. After all Blogger is a free service and is not guaranteed.
But I really re command everybody to backup their data once in a while. If you don't care abut your work, why somebody should ? But until now I didn't find a solution to backup the blogger data. I promise that as soon that I will have time I will make a tool that backup a blog and eventually imported in some other blog format like WordPress or Drupal. But I don't think will happen to soon because lately I was extremly busy.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


In the last time, I didn't had to much time to write anything. Today I have posted something on my spider's blog. So I have decided to write here also. Today topic is online dictionaries. I really had writng my post on my other blog because I didn't know the words. Usually I understand all English words, especially the spoken ones but I have trouble finding my words when I am writing. So I have decided to get Babylon dictionary and to help me. I downloaded the demo version and I have tried to lookup some words. He display my translation form german to rusian , form french to italian, but nothing from romanian to english. Some time ago it was really useful but now is really blotted with a lot of useful stuff in it is to search synonyms and stuff like that. But unfortunately it has a really pore romanian dictionary. So I decided to try something else. I have downloaded WordNet and try to lookup related words that I know about the topic I wanted to write about. It was no help either, so I have decided to try to remember the words that I need. Seems that computer don't have any chance to understand or language ever.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Short post.

Today I will be very short because I am extremly tired and I can't even see the what I am typing. So because of this probably my English will be even worse. And by the way I had to disable anonymous comments because I was to tired to read comments about my spelling. Sorry but I explained at least a 1000 times. I am to bored to reject the stupid comments like, that. And the worst thing is that all that stupid comments are not signed. Any wanted to write about that I finally made it to load a huge database on my new hosting account at GoDady. By default the import is limited to files less than 20 MB. And mine was 150 MB, and the zipped was just under 18, but it didn't work. So I had to upload it uncompressed via FTP and after that use a PHP to import it. (I am referring to BigDump utility , search for it on Google) . The only draw back is that you have to upload the uncompress file. It take about 1 hours. The funny part is that I lost a least 3 time that much tiring to import the compressed one in any way possible. Even splitting the SQL on multiple volume. What I really wanted to say is that sometime just go with the simple method even if it seems more time consuming because some time just tiring to find a easy way prove to be much harder, or :
If you have a difficile task to do , give it to a lazy person and he will find a easier way to do it.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I get some web hosting from GoDaddy a few days ago. It is really great. I install Drupal and is grate. I am really thinking to move my blog to there. But for now I don't have a suitable domain. But that is not really a problem. The only think is that I really don't want to lose this blog. I really blogger. So probably I will just start another there and I will make a link from here or something like that.

Monday, February 19, 2007


I anted to write about something else but first I wanted to find a older post regarding what I wanted to write about and ... I realize that is a complete mess. In my blog. So I decided to label the posts, and at the time I was done, I forgot about what I wanted to write so I have decided to write about my labels. Blogger really did a god job with the labels. It make life more easy. Now I can find my post a lot easier and also put some order in the blog. So from now on I will label my posts, and I recommend you do the same.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bloglogin about blogger.

Hello Lizze,
I had a different name in the URL because I started this blog when I was intending to quit smoking. So that's why I had a different name in the URL. Initially I didn't want to become a blogger addicted but, it happened regardless of my intention. So even I didn't quit smoking, unfortunately, I kept my blog. And because it was my first blog I am not intending change it. For some reasons. One of the is that Google index it already.
Anyway I was thinking to buy a separate hosting for my blog, but I don't know if is such a god idea, because I really like blogger interface a lot, is a lot more nice that the Word Press. Also I remember that you complained that there's no way to export the data from blogger. Yes there is some ways to do it, at least for the new blogger.
The clean way to do it is to go to "Chang the publisher". For this you go to Settings->Publishing and check what is displayed.

If is saying something about classic template then you have to revert to the Classic Template, for this you go to Template-> Edit HTML -> Revert to Classic Template. After that should look like this:
Now you click on FTP. Assuming that you WebHosting Provider use ftp access, like most of them. You complete the FTP Server line with the address of your ftp server where you normally upload your files.
You complete your Blog URL with the address of your new domain. This don't really need to be the same as ftp server. For example if you intend your new blog to has the adders www.myblog.com (assuming that you already have the domain) you put that address.
The rest you complete like this:
FTP Path: /oldblog/
Blog Filename: mainpage.html
Feed Filename: oldblog.xml
FTP Username: YourUsername
FTP Password: YourPassword
Chick on publish and on the FTP you will have a directory named "oldblog" in which is all your old blog , and the the main page is called mainpage.html

BTW: For the people that want to try and don't have a hosting yet, they can setup a FTP server at home and give instead of the FTP server adders your IP address after you started the FTP server software (I recommend Fillezilla for this. Also you have to create an account for blogger and set a password. The Blog URL means where the blog will be hosted, and if is wrong the links will be broken.( Evey link from your blog that point to you blog, e.g: the ones in blog archive, will point to that URL plus the name of the post and )
This way blogger will export your blog to your computer.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blog title changed

I get a comment from somebody that it really likes my blog title because is really geek alike. And I finally realize that this was the problem, the title. That's nobody like my blog, not nobody but just a few that really know what's about i have to change it.
So for the people that wondering, my old title was

cat /dev/mind > /dev/blog
But seams that most of the people didn't understand the idea so I am going to explain.
In Unix/Linux operating systems the devices are sown in the file system like a files. For example the first disk of the computer is /dev/hda, the second is /dev/hdb and so on, even simpler the mouse device is a file named "mouse" in the directory "dev". Second thing is that the "cat" command is reading from a file and is printing on the standard output ( the console on the monitor by default) but the output can be redirecting in to another file by putting the ">" character after it and specifying the file. So the title mean something like "read from my mind device and print everything to my blog device" i had considered that will be really funny. But seems that nobody understood it. So I have to change my title to something more readable.
Thanks LDF for the comment and for making realize.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Chinese story

Probably some of you are wondering what the hell is with the Chinese link on my blog. I am not from China and I don't know Chinese but today I had a look at my stats and see that I had 100 Chines visitors in a row.And I remember that my friend ( yes, I have only one friend) told me that he was able to translate successful from English to Chinese. And by the way first I have to explain why he need to translate to Chinese: My friend is relay is really crazy about old prices of software especially DOS applications. And seems that nobody share his enthusiasm about DOS anymore. And seems that there is a community in China that still developing software for DOS and he was really want it to join it. So he send them some emails translated with Google Language Tool and he received some answers. He translated back to English and found out they accept it. And was so happy that was accepted and I think it was telling me this for 2 hours.
So when I looked at my stats and see that I have so many visitors from China that are really messing out my stats ( They enter for just 2 seconds and see that is in English and leave) So they really messing out my statistics and I am unable to know if my visitors are liking my blog because of them. So I decided to make a blog especially for them and tell about my friend that is so happy that join their community. (I have waited it in English and after that translated ). And I have put the links on top of all my blogs.
By the way: Sorry for my bad English but I am from a non English spiking country. And all my English teachers ware extremely horrible teachers. So all my English I have learn is just from Cartoon Network. So please don't forgive me. I am doing the best I can.
And if I opened the subject about Cartoon Network: What the hell is the thing with all the European country that are translating(doubling) all the TV channels. I really don't understand the idea. Even the music is translated. Just stupid. Have you been lately to Germany ? Seems that even BBC (Yes British Broadcasting Corporation/Channel ) is translated in German. And you wandering why nobody there understand English. I had been recently in Russia and seems that they know more English and are spiking more clearly in English that any of the European country's. (On the main land I mean).
I hope they will put an stop to this. Just subtitle(Write under) but pleas don't change the sound channels I any ways. If the sound is in a certain language... just leave it like that. It sound a lot better in the original language. Also the actors look like fishes due to the synchronizations of the sound with image.

Monday, February 5, 2007

I can't belive !!!!

I had a look at my statistics and I can't believe it seems that about 80 percent of my visitors are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer. I can't understand why. So look at this movie below but please do not try it for yourself if you are using Internet Explorer. I have test it with Firefox and I didn't had any kind of problems , I guess that also with Safari browser should be OK.


If you want to know more about it just go to Avira Virus Descriptions and look how many viruses are targeting Internet Explore
Even more ... MS Internet Exploder has a lot of missing features like no plug in support. No tabbed browsing. No RSS reader. No XML support. No password manager to store the passwords. No quick search. Nothing !!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

New toy

My friend get an account at VPSLinks so I had to have one.
VPS stand for Virtual Private Server and it mens that you get a "slice" of a computer from somewhere in internet. The advantage over the normal web hosting is that you have full access to install whatever software you wish but you have to configure yourself.
So I had a look and I found something interesting

  • HDD: 2GB
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Ram: 64MB
  • Price: $7.95/month
So I have decided to give it a test. After I sing up I get my login informations next day. So I have started to play with it. I have installed the Debian image because I had use Debian on machines with even less RAM then that.
The first thing I had tried was to make a swap file....surprise.... seem that is not possible. So I had to limit to the 64 MB of ram.
So let's heck the memory

myhost:~# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3756488 3716804 39684 0 130120 1945208
-/+ buffers/cache: 1641476 2115012
Swap: 8193108 437732 7755376

But this is not the real memory avail so I made a little script to show my memory:

bean=`cat /proc/user_beancounters`
guar=`echo "$bean" | grep vmguar | awk '{ print $4;}'`
priv=`echo "$bean" | grep privvm | awk '{ print $2;}'`
let totl=guar/256
let used=priv/256
let free=$totl-$used
echo "VPS Memory:"
echo " total: $totl mb used: $used mb free: $free mb"

So it looks like this now.

myhost:~# /bin/Free
VPS Memory:
total: 58 mb used: 35 mb free: 23 mb

But for this I had to:
  • Replace the OpenSSH daemon with dropbear because OpenSSH use about 20 MB of RAM.
  • Use lighttpd instead of apache
  • Limit mysql memory to 1MB instead of 16M for buffer.
But I am still not happy because if I try to install anything I have to stop evrything or else I get a lot of errors.

myhost:~# apt-get install apache
Setting up apache (1.3.34-4) ...
open2: fork failed: Cannot allocate memory at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/ConfModule.pm line 58

So I started wondering if this is normal on a computer with 64 MB of RAM. So I fire up VMWare on my computer and I installed the same Debian in a virtual machine exactly as the one from VPSLink... and surprise,surprise it worked just fine with the same software running in the same conditions and same configurations. (also no swap space) So seems that the software the use is not so smart and have some serious problems.

Also something ugly that I had notice is that if I disconnect from the server and I leave the web server running after a few hours the first attempt to connect to the web server to check my page is fails and seems and i have to try at least 3-4 times before it starting working. And also seems that is comporting like is under heavy load but as soon as I start pushing it a bit is getting back to normal. So I guess it go to some kind of standby (lo priority)

So I am really not happy with it and now seems that my friend that mad fun of me that I am a cheap bastard because I get the cheapest one for only one month. But now he is regretting because he get the one with $14.95/mo for six month (total $82.26 because of the discount). So I have deciding to also get an account to SliceHost next month and see how it is. (I can use swap there )

I am back.

Yap. I am back after a long absence (I think about a month) . But I had my reasons to not write on my blog. Seems that is a guy that had funny idea to start the work in January. And because of him a lot of peoples had to work extra hours, including me (Don't ask !) Yap I had a lot of work and and I was to tired to open my computer at home. But that stuff is over and I am going post from now one.

Oh. By the way for the peoples that wonder what was with the test post I have to explain. Right now I want to make a RSS reader or something like that I don't know exactly what will be at the end but for now I will be happy if it will be able to read RSS feds and maybe in the future I will make something that will be able to post on blogger.com.
I understood that the plug in to post from Word is no longer supported with the new blogger so maybe if I will have time....

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I whant a portia spider.

If someone from Africa, Australia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines or Vietnam is willing to send me a Portia spider for my farm, me and the spider will be eternal grateful to you

This is not a joke. If someone is willing to send me one I will be very happy. If someone is willing to help me, pleas leave me a message and I will tell you where to send it and also the money for the transport and packaging, and a fee for your trouble.

Also I promise to take god care of it and feed him well so it will live an long an happy life. It will be even better if you can send me a pair of them it will be even better, because the life alone is not very happy. I know it from my own experience.


I have to switch to moderated comments because seems that are some guys that are paid to post comments with links to adult sites and so on. So I am sorry but you will have to wait to publish your comments. Don't worry I will check may blog at least twice per day.

Seems that in the last time the internet is only about money and page rank. Nobody what's to put god content. Look at all the blogs that has only one post and full of advertising. If we continue like that the internet will become just advertising and no content. I really hate it, some time ago when I was searching for some interesting stuff, I would find it without evicting all kind of tricky popup and banners. Now the interesting stuff is in a tiny coroner of the page and the rest is filled with lots of *****.

I checked my email this morning. I had 237 email, just 3 email have been useful. 17 of them come from discussion list and 21 ware automatically generated rapports. So in the last 5 days I get 196 spam emails. I don't know from where they get my email, I didn't register to dubious site with it. The only place where is publish is on a PGP server, but how dumb a seamer can be, he didn't understand that someone that know what is a PGP key is , it is also able to make the difference between a spam email and a useful one.

I get a lot of Viagra advertising emails, but the funniest of all are the phishing email with the

"Your paypal account has been disabled ... please submit us your password" kind of stuff.

Is not really like that but is almost like that. The idea behind it is that they send a bunch of emails that try to fool the persons that something happened with their accounts and they have to log in to fix the problem. They always put a false to the login form but if you are look closer you will notice that it really redirect you tho a false site that just look like the original and prompt you for your user name and password. So take care. No serious site will send you that kind of emails. So if you don't really know what if that is a phishing emails instead of hurry up to give your password or bank account just think a bit. And if you still think that is the smallest chance to be true call the support or send them an email and ask them about it. Don't use the email address, phone or link from that email, look it up in the phone book on a older email that you see that is genuine. Usually all the sites that request you to sign up will send you a welcome message with all the details you need including the support email address, and sometimes the phone number, use teat one. In case this is not possible open a new browser windows manually and type the correct address and login from there.

Never click on links in emails especially when they tell you that something happening and is urgent

Also if you are a nice person and don't want to make a safer world, I highly recommend you to call/send them en email to the support of the attacked site/company and explain that somebody is sending false explains what happening and send them a copy of the message. Sometime you relay find that are some very dumb guys at support that don't really understand that is bad for there company image, so you have to explain that also. I am doing that all the time and usually the fake site is down in a matter of hours after explain the situation. It really make me fell proud that I make a better world.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Probably I didn’t mention until now that I am from Romania. (I mention in my other blog ,and I even mad some fun about it, but not in this one).

So here in Romania the largest ethnic minority is Hungarian people that make about 6.6% of the population. In the highest concentration are Harghita and Covasna districts. I was one of the extremists that hate Hungarian because of misconception that are very bad people. We had a lot of jokes about them and so on. Probably this has born in to my mind because of the new I heard that the Hungarian from the Harghita and Covasna district want independence. I was imagining that is outrageous, is right in the hart of Romania. How the hell they even can think about that?

So I was not very happy about the think that I have to go to Harghita for my vacation. When I had arrive there I see the name of the train station in both languages Hungarian and Romanian, and I was thinking: OK I am doomed. I had expected from one moment to another that a horde of angry Hungarians come to beet me up for all the jokes I had made in the past. (One of the jokes is: “If you see a back people and a white one drowning, who do you save? You save the back one because the white may be Hungarian.” So you see what my mentality was. ). I had arrived about ten a clock and it was already dark so I was kind of scarred. But nothing was happening, so I imagine that maybe are not so many of them there. I didn’t know where the hotel was so I had to ask. Weren’t too many people on the street so I didn’t have too much alternatives. I pick up some guy and ask him where the hotel was. He had answered me and offer to take me there. But it has a funny accent so I guess that is Hungarian. I answered that I will find my way and fallow his instruction even I didn’t really trust him. To my surprise the hotel was there. So he didn’t want to set me a trap. But there was nobody at the reception. (It was my fault because I arrived so late, in the hotel reservation was written than I had to arrive before 6 a clock.)

To wait until the next morning didn’t sound very appealing to me, I really wanted a room. So I look at the reservation and I find a phone number. I call the number and voice with Hungarian accent answer me. I explain the situation and she tell me to don’t worry it will com in a few minutes to bring me the key. In a few minutes a nice women show up and give me the key for the room and fill up the necessary papers. She didn’t seem to upset that she had to come from the home at 23 hundred hour for me.

Ok. What the hell is happening? Nobody is trying to kill me, even if they are Hungarian. Maybe they are not… they just have a funny accent.

I turn on the TV and notice that most of the channels are in Hungarian, and just a few are in Romanian. Discovery channel was doubled in Hungarian so the TV was no use to me. I prefer the English version. I really hate the thing with translating stuff. I had grown with Cartoon Network in English and I learn English from there. (That why I have Scooby-Doo accent) Now unfortunately is translated and I really hate it. You can’t imagine how terrifying sounds Scooby-Doo in Romanian. It really scares the children’s.)

Next day I realize that everybody around there is Hungarian except for the tourists. But it seems that my ideas were wrong all along. They are really nice people, and we should all get along. Also they explain me about the independence they ask for is not I was thought. What they want is that should be allowed to take care of the may from the taxes there and use it in the right way for the district. Right now the government decides what they should do with the money. And it seems that they make very wrong decisions. (Oh.. I already knew that the money is used in really stupid ways here in Romania like making a cheap highway, that is so bad that it must be repaired next year and, the year after that and so on, instead of making a expensive one that don’t need repairs every day).

So I finally realize that they are not so thick skins like I thought and there demands are extremely reasonable.

Do you remember the two girls I spoken about; there was tourist like but they ware much worse than any of the Hungarian I meat there. One of them was manager of a big textile company and extremely bumptious, like was the Queen of England. She even refuses to dance with me at the New Year Eve party. (Nobody invite her except me. For who the heel was she waiting for, Prince Charming?) And I was extremely upset and annoyed that a Romanian girl can do such of thing to me. (Even I know that I make at least 3 times more money that her just as a programmer). It was almost screw me vacation if it wasn’t for a Hungarian girl that notice that I am so upset and invite me to dance with her. So I have felt much better, and I have promise her that I will come back …. I think I am in love.

Also the waiters ware extremely nice compared with the ones from Bucharest.And they worked hard all night long.(picture of the waiters at the NYE party) So what can I say? I was wrong. I am really sorry! I had some misconceptions.

If somebody tells me last year that I will fall in love to a Hungarian girl probably die of laughs, and never believe that I can do such of thing. Now I am hoping to meet her again as soon as possible. Probably I will go back there on Saint Valentines to be with her.

ATV ride.

Just how I had promise , I will tell about the my vacation. So my mother convince me to go with her to vacation, I was indenting to keep working at some projects I had. But I was finally accepted to go with her but I was still intending to come back next day. But because I was pick up two girls there I was decided to stay one more day. Seems that it was a bad decision, seems that the girls wasn't so fun anymore. So I have learn that not allays what seems to be the truth is the truth. So I was in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.... but some ATV's pass near me. So I assumed that I can rent an quad for a ride. I asked when I can rent an ATV and I finally find where. Is about 20 Euro for an hour, kind of expensive but I was very curious how it is so I rent one for 2 hours. Until now I had drive all kind of terrain vehicles: motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, an tank and a train. So I expected to be extremely easy to drive an ATV, almost like a motorcycle.

Wrong !!!! In the first 20 second I was the ditch near the track. I had felt so humiliated, everyone was looking at me. I get back on road and start thinking what I did wrong. It is very hard to steer and every bump in the road force you in a wrong direction. I hold the handle bar tight and try again. After a few seconds I realize that I can't handle it. So I asked what to do. Should I give up. No way !!! So I asked myself again what is the problem. At low speeds is hard to steer because of the high friction between the wheels and the ground, and when the road is earth road with lot of bumps. So I decided to accelerate. I am going to brake my neck or save my honor. At higher speeds it's a lot more simple to steer so my driving get better. After a few laps I get used to so i decided that I am ready for an off-road ride. The renting company it will not allow you to go off-road without a guide (That is in the price of the renting). So in case you kill yourself the guide to bring back the quad. So I go to the guide and tell him I am ready. I pick up a route and start riding. A 3 hours route by foot take us 45 minutes. It was relay nice.

I started from here and I go somewhere ....

... up there.

It was a a serpentine path so that thy take it so much, even it look easy. Unfortunately I didn't make any picture from up there.

And now some advice how to ride the quad. First I have to explain the controls. The handle bar for searing must be hold really tight. The throttle is not like a motorcycle. The motorcycle throttle is contained in the right-hand grip on the handlebars and twisting the grip towards you increases the speed.The ATV has a thumb throttle that you have to push it forward to accelerate. There are two brakes in the right and left of the handlebar for the front wheels. On low speeds it can help searing pushing only one brake. At high speeds pushing only one brake and will help you make circles. (Spin around in place) The third foot brake is for the rear wheels. I recommend using that one for slowing down. Be very gentile with the brakes because otherwise you will drift. Always keep some distance to the one in front of you, otherwise you will not see anything because of the dust or snow. Also sometimes the rear wheels can trow rocks and dried wood. Don't try to be brave, heroes die young. Always use the safety equipment and the gloves are mandatory even in summer, otherwise your hand will freeze in the matter of minutes.

Happy new year.

I was out of town for this NYE and this is my first post this year. So: Happy new year !!!

I had some fun this vacation. I was riding an ATV (quad) and is was so cool. I will tell you more about this latter.

@Lizze: I add you a direct link in the link list. And when after I finish posting to my blogs I will take a look at how you spend NYE.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thank you

Thank you guys for commenting on by blog. I starting to loss hope that is somebody out there reading my blog. I feeling much better now, that I have some comments. My work colleague told me that it has a lot of comments and visitors and I had none.
After Lizze give me a comment seems that I had a lot of visitors,the comment seems that bring me luck. Also I fallowed the profile and I found a really nice blog. Unfortunately today U really hadn't have any time to read it all but is very nice.

By the why: It was a joke with the thing that I am going to sue Blogger. Thank you Blogger that you exit. And don't worry ... I am not going to sue you. :)

I can't take it anymore.

I intended to no longer post this year but I can't support. I have to post, it the blogger addiction. I started blogging to get rid of a old addiction and now I have a new one: posting on my blog. Even I know that nobody reads it I need to post. I have nightmares, if I don't post something before I go to sleep. I can't work if i don't post something when I wake up. I hate it, it shouldn't suppose to be so addictive.

I am relay wandering if should I sue Blogger because they give ma a new addiction ? I read the term of service and is no where mentioned the blogging create addiction. So I need a god lawyer for this.

Blogger take care !! I am going after you.

P.S: Sue Blogger for creating addictions is a patented idea so nobody is allowed to do that except me. Kid's don't do this at home.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Just brilliant.

I will marry the first girl that understand the following presentation:(very technical stuff only for geeks)

Long time ago when I owned a 286 computer I had a lot of study about computer architectures. When I have seen this video old memory's was binged back to life. Is just brilliant. I dreamed that some day my hours of study and my technical knowledge about computer architecture will become useful. I was so proud watching this video that I am one of the few people's that rely know what he is talking about. It knows how a PC boots up and about the memory warp around.

So I am serious about marrying the first girl that understand this presentation and has the same filings as me. I don't care how she looks, I don't care how old she is , I don't care anything except that she is able to understand this presentation.

Updated: Seems that nobody want to be my wife... probably this year I am not going to update anything because I will be in vacation. So take your time and watch the movie. If somebody has questions, feel free to ask me. I will explain everything you wish.

Santa didn't come.

Seem that Santa completely forgot about me. Maybe I was a bad boy this year , even I don't think so. I had expected to meet the girl of my dream in the last few days but nothing had happened. Like the usually I am a disappointed. The only girl that called me in the last few days was a old friend of mine, that is nice girl but she has a boyfriend o I assumed is not my gift from Santa. Unfortunately seems that I don't have any friends left. I intend to go out to pick up some girl in a bar but I can't do it alone, and the only friend I had left is engaged and will not want to go with me in a bar for that purpose. So the only alternative I have is to find somebody HERE !.

There is no any lonely girl around here that is searching for a grate guy, like me, to love her ?

Am I the only person around here searching for love ?

P.S: I know this post seems more desperate that is relay is. But sincerely I don't really care about that. Is just what is in my mind for now and I think is just what blogs are all about. Tell the world how you feel and what are you opinions.

Friday, December 22, 2006

For Santa

Dear Santa,
I was a god guy this year and I think I deserve my presents. So I wish for a nice girl that love me and worth loving her. I don't want the a beautifully girl, but I want her
smart and funny.

Spooky. A girl just contacted me on ICQ. I don't know her, and seems spooky. I know that the ICQ is so stupid that is displaying the profiles on the net. But I can't imagine anybody searching on profile list. And that number I give-it only to some serious business partners, and nobody els know it.
Oh. Se told me that she is only 14 year old. I have to say that is true that I like relay young girls. But not that young. @Santa: It is to illegal, try something older please, a 16 year old girl will be better.


I am still to lazy to explain what happened. Maybe I will explain latter. Or maybe not. anyway is just before the Xmas and nobody is in the mood to work. I blogged all day long searching for something interesting.

Merry Christmas

Today in the office was the Christmas spirit , so no one was working. I will try to quit smoking again tomorrow.

My firend

One of my friends get upset on me for now reasons and now runs away every time I enter the room. What the hell did I do? I will try to convince him to help me with some technical stuff , this will make him happy for sure.It relay likes to help. And be asked complicated questions.It make him think I need this help.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

No friends

All my friends abandoned me and I am filling so lonely. I am extremely disappointed of everything in my life and of everybody. I am in the verge of collapse. So today I will gonna go to sleep extremely early. Also I am a little depress because I didn't manage to fix my car but this is not a big issue now.

I am so tierd.

In the last few days I was feeling so tired. This is probably from the unhealthy diet, to much Coca-Cola and smoking. Anyway the idea is that I am filling horrible and I am not able to post more then a few lines per day. In the last time I didn't manage to do anything useful. Probably I have to take a break and rest.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I been to a service and they told me that they can't order the v-belt I need because is to cheep.So i decided to change it myself in the parking lot.

I manage to convince my mother to go and buy a v-belt because when I will finish work all the stores will be closed.The spooky thing is that i find the belt in the part catalog and has the specification 9.5X643MM but the one from the reseller that has the same part number but a different size 9.5X650MM. How the hell the same part can has different specifications ? I was thinking that the part number is created specially to avoid this.
I will tell you tomorrow how was working.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a fine day for science

Today when i enter the office one college of mine told me "What a fine day for science", you know, the line from Dexter Laboratory cartoons. Is not relay a fine day for science for me. My car broke down. The belt between the engine and the water pump broke. Good that this was happened a few meters from the parking lot.
I had notice something wrong because the light the alternator turn on. But I was suspecting that maybe some wire burn out, or some other electrical problem. But when I was looking under the hood I had notice the belt thorn apart. I guess that I don't had to mention that the engine was hot and vapors come out of all the pipes. Doe's anyone know how to change a water pump belt ?

I will go to order a new belt a little latter and I will like to change it myself but unfortunately I cold outside and I also have to refill the cooling system. This require a ramp for allowing air bubbles to come out, so I can't do it in the parking lot. But it is a service near by. I hope is not to expensive. I really don't to spend money now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Video cables for connecting my laptop to TV

The cables that I have are the following:

  • SCART converter (my TV only a SCART connection , this is usually fund in Europe). This is plugging directly in to the SCART connector on the TV (Big bulky plug). The converter has a switch used to select if the signal is to be inputted or outputted form the TV. The input/output for audio is to RCA (to RCA connections one red and one white for left and right audio signals). The video input/output has two options. One is a RCA (a yellow RCA connection) . And a S-Video connection like the one described in the prevision post.
  • RCA to audio Jack. This cable has to RCA connections (White and red) and on the other end a audio connector (identical with the one fund in headphone)
  • S-Video to S-Video cable.
  • S-Video to RCA cable.
The audio is kind of straight forward. But for video is to variants. I tested first with the S-Video to RCA cable and it seems fine (at least i had a color picture). But I tested with a picture slide show and the colors seems to be very accentuated. The pink looks like purple red, very annoying for pictures, but probably is acceptable with the movies. With the S-Video cable the picture is much sharp and the colors are much more real, but is still not crystal clear.

I didn't try with a movie because I don't have any at this moment but probably on the smaller resolution (like the one used for movies is much better then on my small display).

Doe's anybody can tell me some good movie ?

Video output

I finally manage to make my laptop output the image on my TV set. In this process I become a expert in cables, jack's and wires. My laptop has a S-Video output, this is a round plug with 4 or 7 pins (a lot like the mouse or keyboard plugs). The difrence betweens 4 pins plug and 7 pins plug is that the standard S-Video has 4 pins used for intensity (Luminance),golor (Chrominance) and tow of them are ground. The 7 pin connectors has a additional ground and composite video and this kid of connectors are usually find in laptops and other spooky devices, anyway the 7 pin version is not very standard anyway so is better to consider as a plain 4 pin plug.


Today I was very lazy, I didn't do anything interesting.But now I started working. Maybe I will finish my program today. I am still searching for the love of my life.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Today I had some fun flaming. You know, Friday is the flame day. Evrybody makes fun of everybody on mail.And debate unimportant problems like "Linux Vs. Windows", "Sex Vs. Love" and so on.

It worked

Yup! It really worked. I just stop and listen for people around me. You can imagine what a new experience was to me. You should really try it some time. New and miraculous new things will be revealed. Also concentrate a little bit and try to answer to everybody with the answer they expect to get from you. Don't manifest your opinion use their own opinion, Also you can use a lot of "I am totally agree!" and "I respect your opinion". Don't use "but" use "and" instead. It may sounds funny at the begin but nobody will notice. For example if you wish to do something else that the thing proposed to you you can say "I am totally agree with your decision and it will be nice to [put your thing here] because [some stupid reason]".

Even if is completely contradictory , if you say it serious everybody will agree.

Funny isn't it ?

Stop talking.

I have decided that I talk to much. So was thinking to shut up and watch more what happening around me. This is one of the key components of NLP: Observation.


I don't know but today I am very sad. I am still for a miracle to make me happy. But because I don't thing will gonna happen I am intending to find a way to buy an angel. Does anyone know an Angel store. Maybe I can order one online. If not I will find a way to make myself one.

What I want to say is that I relay wish to find a girl to to hug her. I relay want somebody to love. Is so funny i know at leas a a hundred girls. That are desperate trying to find a god guy to love them. Even better, they are asking me for my about jerk friend's. I asked myself way I don't scream at them "Hey stupid !!!! I am here, I am what are you looking for !!! I am the guy !!!" ? And the answer is that I can't love a girl that is not able to see something that is in front of her nose.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Augh! My head

My head is hearting like hell. Probably because I smoked half of pack of cigarettes in the last 4 hour. I was writing a program and usually when I working I can't stop smoking. Anyway I think I will make another blog about girls and another about programing and computer science. I am sure that I will have more success with that.


I don't understand why always god guys never have part of a nice girl. It is a misery for me. All the girls like bad guys. I sometime heard that girls flirt with the bad guy but is taking home the god guy. Is not true.

And again

Next week I intend to start all over again. I am decided that this year I will quit smoking. But this week i have other problems. Like finding a girl to love. Seems that nobody wants to be loved by me. Is so much think I can offer to her.

Monday, December 4, 2006


I think i will try again , after I finish this pack i will gonna try again. I already get used with the stress.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

I quit quiting

Seems that I start smoking again. Grate attempt, isn't it ? I will try again next week :)

Saturday, December 2, 2006

2 days

Tow day has past and I am still going strong. But i don't know how much time I can resit anymore. I am still thinking of it. I told all my friends I quited and nobody think I will succeed. They even offer me to by cigarettes for me. Great friend's, isn't it ?

Friday, December 1, 2006

One day.

It past a entire day and is still horrible, I am almost on the point of renouncing.

22 hours after.

I past almost a day and is horrible. I have the felling that i don't have air. I thnk about every breath i make.
I had i extremely bad day. In the morning my mother bother me with extremely stupid things. But i manage to survive until now. Half o the day I slept.
I relay hating it.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The big moment

I just finish the second one. The third one I tear it apart. So this is it. The big moment. Is almost 1 December here. Probably the timestamps seems wrong, this is because i am on a completely different timezone. Here is almost midnight.

Maybe you wonder why i made a so big fuzz out of it. The idea behind is that psychological point of view it fouls my brain to think that I made a grate thing so it help me motivating.

Also if you think that instead of smoking less I smoke a lot more before the big day is not a such a god idea. Is not so true because the nicotine helps memory. That means it lock in my brain the idea that I QUIT SMOKING. Sometime you can fight fire with fire, using the addiction against itself.

3 cigarets in 30 min

I still have 3 cigarettes and in 30 minute I will stop smoking for good. I will smoke 2 of them and one I will intend to trow away.

I need support.

I personally hoped that I have a few visitors that's support me. I am a little disappointed. Seems kind of funny I not even started and I already ask for support. I know that it seems kind of lame I really want at least one person that encourage my initiative.


Anyway some methods that I intend to use self suggestion and NLP. I will tell you about that some other time. They are very powerful methods that can be used for self improvement and motivation.

Also i hope that this blog will help me if i have enough people to encourage me. I don't have any some far. Not very promising, isn't it ? So i have the feeling that I am all alone, but i am already used with looniest.

Finishing all the tabaco i have.

I am already yo my second pack today, and i still have a half of it. I am intending to finish it until the end of the day so tomorrow i will don't have any cigar. But seem that I forget to get rid of the one from my dashboard and hope it will not cause trouble when I will get in to the car.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just thinking of it.

I waked up in the morning and I didn’t have any cigarettes in the hous It was so terrifying. But I am still intending to keep my decision. I buy a pack of cigarettes for today, this is the last one. I also noticed that I still have one cigarette in my car on the dashboard; I will get rid of that so it doesn’t tempt me.

I am scared. I can imagine my life without smoking. What I am gone ‘do?

My decision to quit smoking.

I have decided to quit smoking starting from 1 December. This time I intend to quit for good. I am smoking for more than 5 years and now I am smoking more then 2 packets per day, up to 5 packets.

The reasons that made me take this decision are the following:

  • It is bad for my health.

  • Starting from next year the prices of the tobacco will ingress with 300% in my region.

  • No nonsmoking girl likes to kiss a smoker.

  • I will be more independent of time send in close spaces.

  • I will demonstrate my will.

I intend to follow my process on this blog and maybe it can help others quit smoking and also motivate me.